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Let me guide you along a nourishing path toward finding true love, liberation and claiming your sovereignty. You are here because you are ready to embody the full power of your truth.

It is your  human birthright to naturally experience love, pleasure, ecstasy and bliss in everyday life. I am devoted to creating  vibrational harmony in the psyche. I bridge the gap between Modern Psychotherapy and Ancient healing traditions to guide you in embodying your true potential. I weave together healing arts rooted in neuroscience, psychotherapy, sound healing, ritual and energy medicine. 


I will teach you practices that  rewire your brain so that you can feel the way you truly desire to feel. My healing sessions will release stuck emotions and clear energetic blockages. It's time to remember the MIRACLE that YOU are.


On the dark side, my religious upbringing caused me to deeply repress my wild divine feminine nature and conditioned me with such deep fear that I carried very heavy emotions of shame, unworthiness and guilt as a young girl.


At age 14, I asked a church teacher if Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and John Lennon were in the highest kingdom of heaven. Hearing that my idols would not be welcome in the celestial kingdom, caused me to continue asking more and more questions. I could not believe that the afterlife would have a hierarchy, so I stopped believing in Mormonism and became different from my community. When I disconnected myself from GOD for the first time in my life, I also stopped singing because it felt as though my soul’s creative expression was clogged with unprocessed emotions. This allowed me to go deep in the discovery of what I truly did believe in at a young age. 


My Story

The self is forever evolving. The woman I am today, is not the girl I used to be. Yet, my spirit remains the same with its keen sense of intuitive clairvoyance. 


I was raised mormon and like many girls in our society, I was conditioned to be nice and to believe that it was important to be liked. I was not taught to hold clear boundaries, nor how to say “NO” with kindness. 


On the bright side, my religious upbringing taught me how to commune with SOURCE at a young age and introduced me to the unconditional love of Christ.


Thankfully, this awakened the sacred REBEL within me, I turned to painting and playing the drum kit as my creative outlet. This was when I began to realize the therapeutic value of artistic expression.


At age 16, I found myself being forced to repent to a Mormon bishop for my first experience of fellatio. After this inappropriate interrogation, I felt encumbered by the stagnancy of shame. In my soul there was a deep inner-knowing that the unconditional love of Jesus, would never intend for anyone to feel such shame and guilt. The sorceress within my soul awakened in that moment, and I vowed to never enter a Mormon church again.


Thankfully, at age 18, I discovered Meditation and Yoga while studying Visual Art and creative writing at Naropa University. This opened up a spiritual path that I could fully believe in, because it was inclusive of ALL beings. 


ReAwakening to my inherent Spiritual Nature with these spiritual practices, reawakened the power of my voice and of my sensuality which got me singing again, more fully than ever.

I have been on a soulful path of transformation through deeply studying the healing arts of yoga, meditation, plant medicines, ancient rituals, psychology, sound healing, energy medicine and more.


When I was 23, I was raped and as a result, suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.



I had an incredible healing experience with a therapist and felt a huge shift after an EMDR therapy session. When I realized how powerful a good therapist can be, I decided to become a therapist, with a passion to help women heal from sexual trauma. I know firsthand that the deepest darkness can catalyze the most potent stages of GROWTH.


Hardship is the impetus for the soul’s deepest transformation. The truth of my story has allowed me to become not only a survivor, but a thriver!


I have worked deeply with sacred plant medicines and have studied various forms of shamanism. I have found psychedelic assisted psychotherapy to be a groundbreaking form of healing.


I am a Psychotherapist and Energy Healer who practices with full integrity and credibility. I have my Masters Degree in psychology and Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine®. For the past 10 years, I have helped hundreds of clients to heal from trauma, depression and anxiety by guiding them in deepening their relationship to their true self through my therapy practice, healing events and online courses. 


My deepest joy is found in witnessing my clients go from feeling wounded to feeling healed through the deep psychological and spiritual work we do together.


Meeting My King

Once I fully claimed my sovereignty, by balancing my inner masculine and feminine, and learning how to deeply love myself, I intuitively knew that I was READY to call in my King.


Within only 2 months of practicing rituals to magnetize myself to him, he came into my life. I met him in my dreams before I met him in the flesh. The magnetizm and soulmate alignment that we share is the most incredible feeling I’ve ever known. We are happily and passionately married and our love continues to deepen and grow with each new day.


Maiden to Mother

Becoming a Mother awakened my reverence for Motherhood. It has been my ultimate psychedelic experience; the greatest rebirth of self I’ve ever known. My daughter, Sophia Pearl is an earth angel and she is my greatest teacher. I LOVE being a Mother so much and feel such deep gratitude that my dreams and vision for my family life have fully manifested, and are even more incredible in reality than I had imagined. I am excited to give birth to more children in this life.

I deeply bow to all the Mothers in this world. My inspiration to support Moms through Motherhood and postpartum is what inspired me to create the Mothers Hive, a sisterhood + sanctuary just for Moms. 

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Master’s Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology

California Institute of Integral Studies

Graduate School gave me a deep foundation of psychotherapy with thousands of hours of training. I am fully credible in working with clients who are healing from deep trauma. I integrate Gestalt therapy, Family dynamics and research based modalities into my practice.

Beelin (2).jpg
“Precious Earthling, YOU WERE BORN TO BLOSSOM”
Why am I so obsessed with honey bees?

When I began meditating, honeybees began speaking to me in synchronistic ways. Awakening to the potent medicine of nature inspired me to become a beekeeper and earthkeeper. Honeybees are a symbol of life, fertility, sweetness, pollination and creation, all of which I vow to  nourish and protect.

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